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Allergan’s portfolio is best known for Botox, a hugely popular non-surgical cosmetic treatment. Photograph: Reuters

US pharmaceuticals group AbbVie faces an unexpected €572 million Irish stamp duty bill in relation to its planned takeover of Dublin-domiciled peer Al(...)

AbbVie faces a €572 million stamp duty bill on the purchase of Botox maker Allergan following budget changes made by Minister for Finance Paschal Donohoe

Green Reit’s founders Stephen Vernon and Pat Gunne are mightily relieved this weekend that they managed on Monday to spring over the last major hurdle(...)

Martin Curran, founder and MD  of Ermen Systems: ‘By identifying and combining smart ideas we can provide tailor-made solutions that are future-proofed and offer reduced running costs’

Not all new business ideas start with a big eureka moment. Sometimes they evolve as an opportunity unfolds, and this is exactly how Athlone-based gree(...)

New accounts filed by Forest Laboratories Holdings Ltd disclose the scale of the dividend payout across a number of payments in 2018. Photograph: Thomas White/Reuters

A Dublin-based subsidiary of the Irish-domiciled maker of Botox, Allergan, last year paid out dividends of $7 billion (€6.33 billion). New accounts f(...)

The threads are inserted via micro incisions in the midface, jowls or neck ( not unlike a long stitch from one part of the face to another) and once placed are pulled gently to lift the underlying tissue and skin on top of it. Photograph: iStock

Sunekos: to treat crepey skin and hollow eye area Think of this as an injectable facial, which uses a patented formula of hyaluronic acid and amino a(...)

Have you had your fill?

If you’ve ever seen a member of the Kardashian-Jenner family pictured, you’ve seen fillers and Botox at work. Like many of us, you might think they lo(...)

 Bottles of several opioid based medication at a pharmacy in  Ohio. Photograph: REUTERS/Bryan Woolston/File Photo

Turn on a TV set or YouTube video in America today and it won’t take long before you’ll encounter a drug company’s ad telling you how their product ca(...)

Opioid addiciton is considered to be one of the biggest and most intractable problems facing the US healthcare system. File photograph: Reuters

The fallout from the landmark judgment in Oklahoma this week holding drug companies liable for the scourge of addiction to opioid-based painkillers co(...)

Pfizer has been trying to reposition itself as a smaller company focused on more innovative medicines and vaccines.

Pfizer is expected to announce on Monday that it will combine its off-patent assets with Mylan’s $10 billion (€9 billion) generics business in a stock(...)

While there are challenges on the horizon, as evidenced by US president Donald Trump’s tax changes, Ireland has managed to maintain its competitive edge in the face of an ever-changing global trade environment. Photograph: Charles McQuillan/Getty Images

In a global political environment where news coverage appears to endlessly suggest that populism and protectionism is the new norm, it’s perhaps easy (...)

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