Academic cheating , Donald Trump and Taylor Swift

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Academic cheating using paid-for essays 'poses threat to integrity of third level': Academic cheating using online "essay mills" is posing a significant threat to the integrity of higher education, the State body responsible for policing standards in third level has warned. Read more here.

'Working with Donald Trump is nerve-wracking. He has a very weird energy about him': As ever, Paul Feig, who "likes to mix and match" as he puts it, is dressed in a Ralph Lauren jacket, part of an Anderson and Sheppard suit, and looking as dapper as anyone could possibly be. Wait. there's a Christmas-themed corsage. So more dapper than that. Read more here.

Taylor Swift: Tyrannical control is being used against me: Taylor Swift has accused her former record label of blocking her from performing her old songs at the upcoming American Music Awards show or using them in an upcoming Netflix documentary, escalating a dispute between the pop star and Scooter Braun, the powerful celebrity manager. Read more here.

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Your bank account is kindly informing you not to deliveroo...Read more here.

Iggy Pop to headline All Together Now festival 2020: Iggy Pop is to headline next year's All Together Now, festival organisers have announced. The godfather of punk, who with The Stooges influenced a generation of bands, will be giving his first Irish performance for 12 years when he plays in front of up to 20,000 people at the Curraghmore Estate, in Co Waterford, over the August bank-holiday weekend. Read more here.

Dark mysteries probed in Cern's largest-ever machine: Astrophysicists puzzle over rotations of spiral galaxies and how light sometimes bends as it crosses the universe. Read more here.

Are you ready for what it takes to get a graduate job nowadays? Job applications can be stressful. First there's the pressure of making sure the CV has highlighted all the right skills, and there are no spelling mistakes. Then there's the first and second round of interviews and, often, a long wait to hear back. Read more here.