Added Time: The various angles of the Serena Williams debate

Journalist Amy O’Connor joins us in studio, Emmet Malone is on the line from Poland

Japan's Naomi Osaka won her first Grand Slam tennis title at the weekend, giving a brilliant display to take the US Open title, but her achievement has almost gone under the radar. All attention has been taken by the extraordinary on-court showdown between Serena Williams and umpire Carlos Ramos, which has kickstarted a massive debate in the sport covering sexism, racism, pernickety umpires and entitled superstars. Journalist Amy O'Connor joins us in the studio to examine the various angles.

Irish soccer is in the doldrums again, with lots of wailing, gnashing of teeth and questions being asked of the management. Emmet Malone joins us on the line from Poland ahead of the friendly on Tuesday to try to convince us that things aren’t that bad. Or at least that if they are that bad, ditching our manager might not be the way to solve the problem.

And we look back at Cork’s win over Kilkenny in the All-Ireland Camogie final, where a tight game between the two best teams in the sport somehow managed to be dreary and boring. Does the sport need some rule changes, or has the game just been caught up in the GAA’s infamous “paralysis by analysis”?

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