Added Time: Is Euro 2020 qualification now a certainty? Let’s get carried away

Emmet Malone, Johnny Watterson and Dan Comer are in studio for this week’s podcast

If you're confused by the glossy sheen in the sky over Dublin this morning, fear not - it's just a reflection of the shiny suits of the Uefa executives still in town after yesterday's Euro 2020 draw. And though of course we mustn't get carried away with drawing Denmark and Switzerland, it's fair to say that qualification is now a certainty and John Delaney is a football genius. Emmet Malone is in studio to join in our not-at-all premature celebrations.

The clock is ticking on the 2020 Olympic cycle and there's a very real threat to boxing's place at the games. We have Johnny Watterson in the building to explain the background to a complicated situation that has left the likes of Kellie Harrington and Joe Ward in limbo less than two year out from the games.

The huge NFL story that broke over the weekend saw Kansas City Chiefs running back Kareem Hunt being released from the Super-Bowl favourites after a domestic violence video featuring him emerged on TMZ. Irish Times writer Dan Comer joins us to break down yet another sorry situation involving an American football player and violence towards women.

All this in your Monday Added Time, with Malachy Clerkin and Pat Nugent.


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