Timeline: Olympic ticket controversy

Events over course of four years climaxed with arrest of Pat Hickey in Rio

Pat Hickey was charged with criminal offences on Septmeber 6th, 2016.

Pat Hickey was charged with criminal offences on Septmeber 6th, 2016.



July 9th: Email from Marcus Evans to Patrick Hickey refers to a recent earlier dinner and a proposal that Marcus Evans Ltd. become the ticket agent for the OCI.


March 5th: US$ 1 million payment by THG lodged to the account of the OCI.

June 22nd: Executive committee agrees that Mr Hickey be paid an honorarium of €60,000.


Decemeber 16th: Hickey reports that THG had offered US$ 600,000 to renew the ticket agency for the Rio Olympic Games.


Contract between OCI and Marcus Evans to be the ATR for the Rio Olympic Games for a rights fee of US$600,000, signed by Marcus Evans on the 28th March 2012 and by Patrick Hickey in July 2012.


May 5th: Rio Organising Committee for the Olympic Games reject the proposal to have THG as the authorisied ticket re-seller.

May 6th: Marcus Evans emails Pat Hickey suggesting an alternative to THG as the re-seller.

May 20th: Pro10 is registered as a company.

June 22nd: Olympic Council of Ireland and Pro10 sign a contract stating Pro10 is the new distributor for the Olympic games in Rio. Worth $100,000.

October 28th: Rio Organising Committee for the Olympic Games approves appointment of Pro10.


March 29th: OCI pays Pro10 €86,765.15 (US$ 97,004.26) for the allocation of Olympic Family Tickets.

April 7th: Financial reports showing receipt of €44,000 from Pro10 before the Executive Committee.

August 5th: Opening Ceremony of the Olympic Games. Kevin Mallon of THG was arrested on the same day.

August 15th: A Brazilian Judge issued warrants for the arrest of four executives of THG, Marcus Evans, Martin Studd, David Gilmore and Maarten Van Os.

August 17th: Arrest of Patrick Hickey in Rio de Janeiro.

September 6th: Patrick Hickey charged with criminal offences by the authorities in Rio de Janeiro