Pat Hickey looking forward to ‘resuming Olympic duties’

Former OCI president stresses innocence after ticket touting report released

Pat  Hickey pictured in  2015

Pat Hickey pictured in 2015


Former Olympic Council of Ireland president Pat Hickey has claimed the report into the ticket touting controversy published on Monday clears him of criminality and financial impropriety.

In a statement Mr Hickey says the starting of an inquiry while proceedings in Brazil were ongoing was “ill-conceived”.

He could not co-operate on the basis of legal advice from lawyers in Brazil, solicitors and senior counsel here, he said.

“ I was advised it could and would prejudice my entitlement to a fair trial in Brazil and my vindicating my constitutional entitlements and innocence.

“The legal advice I received was comprehensive and to explain my inability to contribute to the inquiry my solicitors on my instructions furnished copies of my legal advice to Retired Judge Carroll Moran S.C, the Attorney General and Minister (for Transport Shane) Ross.”

Mr Hickey alleges the report contains significant flaws and inaccurate assumptions but states now is not the time to address them. However he stresses his innocence.

“At all times I acted in the best interests of the Olympic Council of Ireland with a view to maximising revenue for the Olympic Council of Ireland which in turn was channelled into the management of current and future Olympic athletes in Ireland.

“Sponsorship is the life blood of sport and more particularly successful Olympic participation.

“At the time I announced my retirement in January 2016 and subsequent thereto I left a credit amount in the bank account of the Olympic Council of Ireland to the order of €2.5 million.

“I await the outcome of legal procedures in Brazil and regrettably I and my family are frustrated by the delays in the process which are outside my control. However, my legal team and I remain totally confident that I will be cleared of all charges in Brazil.

“I look forward in due course to resuming my international Olympic duties.”