Cork rally told that Covid-19 deaths grossly exaggerated

Virus ‘not particularly lethal’, claims GP and former Aontú councillor Anne McCloskey

The figures for coronavirus deaths are grossly exaggerated but governments across Europe are guilty of genocide by allowing people to die from other illnesses, it was claimed by a GP at an anti-lockdown rally in Cork today

GP and former Aontú councillor Anne McCloskey travelled from Derry for the rally on Leeside and told the attendance of about 350 people that she knew from early in 2020 that Covid-19 “was not a particularly lethal virus”.

Dr McCloskey said the figure for the number of people dying with Covid-19 was much lower than was being reported by the Government and the mainstream media and she cited a figure from Northern Ireland.

“In the North, we had 114 people who only had Covid on their death certificates which is only 0.003 per cent of the total population and this is pretty much true across the world,” said Dr McCloskey.


“Your government, your government’s advisers, your media are lying to you – they are going to continue lying to you until you make them stop and the media are complicit in it – RTÉ are the virus, the media are the virus.”

Dr McCloskey said there had been a spike in the deaths of elderly people across Europe this time last year but that was due to older people being taken out of hospitals and put into nursing homes without proper medical care.

“At least half of those deaths were due to our elderly being taken from hospital, taken from their oxygen supplies and their intravenous antibiotics and put into care homes where any expectation of medical care was withdrawn.

“They died in their tens of thousands across Europe and it happened in lockstep . . . that was genocide. And they will be held accountable,” said Dr McCloskey.

“Lockdowns kill and they kill healthy people – they push people into poverty and suicidality . . . they set families against one another, this is all by design, it is not an accident, this has nothing to do with health, it has to do with evil.”

Dr McCloskey also claimed that the lockdown imposed by the Irish Government and others was part of an attempt to create a new totalitarian world order where individual freedoms would be curtailed.

“What is in store for us is a totalitarian, communist [regime]. They are going to take away your soul, your property, your rights, your freedoms, your farms, your houses, your families – this is the plan. We will be chipped and pinned.

“This disease was always about vaccination – it’s about getting you into their grid so they can control every aspect of your life but the new world order is not going to happen. As we say in Ulster, ‘tiocfaidh ár la, no surrender’.”

According to the Coronavirus Resource Centre at John Hopkins University in the US, which compiles data on Covid-19, there have been 151, 542, 965 cases of the disease worldwide and 3,183,274 deaths globally from Covid-19.

And according to official Irish Government figures as of May 1st, 2021, there have been a total of 248,437 cases of Covid-19 recorded in the Republic of Ireland to date with 4,906 Covid-19 deaths.

Meanwhile BBC Northern Ireland reported that as of Saturday, May 1st, there were 120,285 recorded cases of Covid-19 in Northern Ireland and 2,145 deaths due to the disease.

Barry Roche

Barry Roche

Barry Roche is Southern Correspondent of The Irish Times