CSO survey confirms status of dear old Dublin


Prices in Dublin are higher than throughout the rest of the State for most goods and services, including food and alcohol, according to a survey published this morning by the Central Statistics Office (CSO).

The survey, based on prices collected for the Consumer Price Index, found the average price of meat, fish and vegetables was up to 10 per cent dearer in Dublin than the rest of the State.

There is better news for Dubliners when it comes to milk, cheese and bread - which were all found to be cheaper in the capital than elsewhere in the Republic.

The price of alcohol consumed in Dublin pubs is on average more than 5 per cent higher than elsewhere. The greatest difference was for a pint of lager where average prices in Dublin were 13.2 per cent higher.

The cost of take-home alcohol was broadly comparable throughout the State.

The CSO price survey also shows that cost of going to the cinema in Dublin is 16 per cent higher than elsewhere while women having a wash, cut and blow dry in the capital can expect to pay more than 11 per cent more than their country cousins.   

The CSO said that of the 73 items surveyed, average prices in Dublin were higher for 48 items and lower for 24, with one item showing no difference.