Herd of cattle seized by Criminal Assets Bureau over unpaid taxes

Kilkenny farm raid came after unsuccessful efforts to collect money saw liability reach €4m


Members of the Criminal Assets Bureau (Cab) have raided a farm and seized a herd of cattle from a farmer in lieu of a multi-million euro unpaid tax bill.

Officers from Cab carried out the action on behalf of the Sheriff, who is charged with realising unpaid tax demands, sometimes via the seizure and sale of assets.

A High Court judgement had been obtained by the bureau against Thomas McDonnell, Pollough, Skeoughvosteen, Co Kilkenny, for unpaid taxes.

The bureau began its investigation into McDonnell, whose farm was the target of Tuesday morning’s raid and confiscation operation, in 2006.

Based on assessments made in 2008 there was a tax liability of €1.2 million. The tax liability covers the years from 1991-92 to 2006; a period of 16 years.

When McDonnell failed to discharge the liability, the bureau began High Court proceedings against him.

While he defended the action a judgement was obtained in May, 2013.

When efforts to collect the monies owed were not successful in the period since then, the liability accrued interest until it reached €4 million.

“Today’s action, which has been one of a number of actions by the bureau since obtaining judgment in the High Court, has resulted in approximately 125 cattle being seized,” the Garda said in a statement.

“Te bureau will continue its work in a hope to engage fully with Mr McDonnell to discharge his tax obligations.”