Ryanair refunds: Delete backwards on app to type correct case

Getting the better of app’s autocorrect so details match booking

 Ryanair: case sensitive. Photograph:  Niall Carson/PA Wire

Ryanair: case sensitive. Photograph: Niall Carson/PA Wire


We are sadly not done with airlines yet. A reader who asked to be identified as Peter got in touch with an interesting story about his difficulty getting a refund for a cancelled flight from our friends in Ryanair and while it appears that he has resolved it himself we thought it might be worth sharing.

“I have tried unsuccessfully so many times to claim a refund,” his mail started. “Initially I sought the refunds for a number of flights and initially the claims seemed to be accepted. A number of months afterwards I was offered vouchers which I attempted to refuse but couldn’t do so on the Ryanair app. It said my details were incorrect or didn’t match any booking.”

He says that for the last number of months he has “periodically tried to seek a refund but would give up in frustration”.

Last week he tried again and, initially, when he entered the email and booking details the response was that the details did not match an existing booking.

His gmail address starts with p for Peter but he says that the lowercase p “always autocorrects” to P when he tries to submit his claim. In other words, the email always came out as P**** and not p*****.

“So every time I submitted the claims, the app responded that my details didn’t match a booking. This morning I typed in an additional word first and the first letter autocorrected to a capital but if I delete backwards the email first letter didn’t autocorrect and when I submitted the claim the app responded that the details matched and the claim appears to be accepted and being processed.”