60: Mercedes-Benz GLC – smooth and refined 2-litre diesel is the centrepiece

Top 100 cars for 2020: The GLC is surprisingly good to drive, too, with sharper steering than you’d expect


Merc’s mid-size SUV makes a strong case for itself, even in a world where you can now buy a 400hp, 400km-range electric car (the EQC) built on basically the same chassis.

Yes, the GLC’s lineup is built around a diesel-heavy centre, but when that diesel is Mercedes’ smooth, refined, punchy, and very economical (and, allegedly, low-pollution) 2.0-litre diesel engine, well maybe there’s still some life left in the black pump after all.

Recent interior upgrades include Merc’s excellent MBUX infotainment software (say ‘Hey, Mercedes’ and then ask it to tell you a joke. It’s worth it…) and mildly improved quality levels, which were already exceptionally high.

The GLC is surprisingly good to drive, too, with sharper steering than you’d expect, and only a too-fidgety ride to hold it back in our estimation. Plugin-hybrid versions, with a choice of petrol or diesel power, are coming soon and will likely become the default-choice GLCs in due course. AMG 63 V8 version is basically insane, but in a good way.

Best model: GLC 200d AMG-Line for €51,903

Price range: €48,040 to €136,010 Finance from €559 per month.

Co2 emissions: 131 to 283g/km

Sum up: The thinking person’s SUV.

* A note on Co2 figures: For almost all the cars in the Top 100, we’ve quoted the stricter WLTP figures for Co2 emissions. A few are still quoted on their older NEDC2 figure, and that’s the number they’ll be taxed on. If you’re confused at all, just consult your local dealer for specific data for the make and model in which you’re interested