37: Toyota Land Cruiser – simply the best true off-roader on the market

Top cars for 2018: When the going gets really tough this is the only car you want


The biggest and the bluffest of all the SUVs, the Toyota Land Cruiser is the unquestioned best at what it does.

What that is, is not the pulling up in front of sybaritic five-star hotels (in the manner of a Range Rover) nor setting hot laps around the nearest available race track (in the manner of a Porsche Cayenne). No, it’s about taking people and their cargo or luggage across the most unforgiving, difficult, otherwise-impassable terrain you can find.

With the demise of the Land Rover Defender, the Land Cruiser is arguably the best true off-roader currently on sale, and it was always far more refined and comfortable than its British rival.

A facelift has introduced a new, more efficient 2.8-litre turbo diesel engine, and some mild styling tweaks to both the exterior and cabin.

You can add on some more high-tech options than used to be the case, but the Land Cruiser’s core remains its tough, no-nonsense, hard-working attitude to life and it remains very probably the most reliable and long- lived car you can buy.

Best model: Only one non-commercial available – 2.8 D4D 7-seat passenger Prices start from: €99,500 Finance package from: POA CO2 emissions: 194g/km Sum-up: The best true off-roader on the market. Capable beyond all belief when the going gets tough.