Poem of the week: One More Time

A new poem by Greg Delanty

call the Earth female, as of old.
She needs to be placed pronto
in the recovery position, gently hold

her chin up, bend the left arm at the elbow,
hand above the head, palm facing down
– waving goodbye or hello?

Set the right arm straight and in line
with her side. Quickly tuck the left foot
up against the right knee. Watch for a sign

of breathing. Don't forget to clear out
the mouth, airways. She may need the kiss
of life. She'll recover for sure. Only without


us maybe. Who then will tell her we miss
her? Who then will tell her how dear she is?

Today’s poem is from Greg Delanty’s latest collection No More Time (Louisiana Stare University Press ). He teaches at St Michael’s College, Vermont.

Martin Doyle

Martin Doyle

Martin Doyle is Books Editor of The Irish Times