The Gathering Part 2, BofI shelves plans and Boris’ boo boo

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Web Log invites us to dive into Neil Gaiman’s archive of cool stuff.

Web Log invites us to dive into Neil Gaiman’s archive of cool stuff.


Fáilte Ireland, the State tourism authority, is developing a proposal for a rerun of the year-long Gathering series of events that rebooted tourism in 2013, as the sector warns revenues from overseas visitors may fall by 70 per cent. Mark Paul has the details.

Bank of Ireland has long-fingered plans to sell hundreds of millions of euro of problem mortgages until the second half of this year, as the appetite among international investors for such assets has been hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. joe Brennan reports.

AIB has responded to criticism for applying quarterly fees at the height of the Covid-19 crisis by offering small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) a temporary refund of the amount charged and deferral of the payment until later in the year, writes Joe Brennan.

Karlin Lillington looks at the perils of video conferences, something Boris Johnson knows all about.

Olive Keogh meets Irish start up Skilly, a cloud-based software platform which allows firms to measure the return on investment in training.

Cantillon laments the hammer blow for local media that is Covid-19, ponders the Gathering Part 2 and wonders if euro bonds will ever happen.

While Tesla has become synonymous in our heads with electric cars, there is another, so far less showy, American electric start-up that has the potential to be even more influential than Elon Musk’s outfit – Rivian. Neil Briscoe reports.

Web Log invites us to dive into Neil Gaiman’s archive of cool stuff.

Pat McCann, founder of hotel group Dalata, says this crisis is worse than the many previous recessions and crises of his career all put together - but he says Dalata has the strength to survive, even if, as he believes, restrictions remain in place until late 2020. He talks to business editor Ciaran Hancock on our Inside Business podcast.

Ciara O’Brien rounds up the digital survival tools you need to overcome the challenge of working from home.

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