Work at a chill pace with Loffee

This app plays background beats ranging in mood from ‘fresh grinds’ to ‘dark roast’

Loffee: even works offline

Loffee: even works offline


Don’t use classical music as ambient noise for your working day? Then take a leaf out of the millennials’ book and try out some lo-fi hip-hop or “chillhop”. These popular combinations of looped rhythms, vocal samples, wobbly synth and fuzzy drumbeats create relaxing downtempo background music ideal for concentration or just chilling.

If you head to YouTube you’ll see a plethora of these tracks set to videos of anime or old cartoons and plenty of live streaming lo-fi channels full of “studybeats”. It feels like something Aphex Twin might commission for a future retirement home common room.

There’s also a nice app called Loffee that has a selection of beats ranging in mood from “fresh grinds” to “dark roast”. The advantage of the app over scouring YouTube for more vids is that it works offline, and the frequently updated and personally curated playlist from app creator Aqeb Hamdan is also on Spotify, which might be more convenient for subscribers.