Read all about it with Google Assistant upgrade, but not quite yet

Irish users will have to wait for the upgrade to come to our shores

Google Assistant, the artificial intelligence (AI) inside Google Home and some other virtual home assistants like the Lenovo Smart Display, has received an upgrade to help owners keep on top of the news of the day when they don't have time to stop and read.

Simply say "Hey Google, what's the news?" and it will read out excerpts from news articles from a list of verified publishers and play relevant YouTube videos if you're using a smart display. It will also allow for more specific news requests like "Hey Google, what's the latest on Nasa?" or "What's the latest tech news?"

Frustratingly, Irish owners of a Google Home won’t yet have access to this feature nor is the standalone Google Assistant app on Android smartphones here at the moment so, for now, we’ll have to read the news like cavemen. Google says: “Right now, these updates are coming to devices with the Google Assistant in the US. We plan to learn from the US launches and then expand further.”