Vodafone Always Connected seeks to make broadband failure a thing of the past

Tech Tools: Service teams 4G with fixed broadband to keep customers online

Since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, most of us have developed a new appreciation for our broadband connection. The lifeline for both our professional and personal lives, our high-speed internet access has allowed us to work from home, learn without leaving the house, keep in touch with friends and family, even facilitate a Zoom quiz or two.

And if things go wrong and our connection fails, it can throw a serious spanner in the works.

Vodafone Ireland thinks it may have a solution: using a mix of fixed networks and mobile networks to make sure you get consistent service. Vodafone Always Connected uses automatic network switching to ensure customers will stay connected by moving over to its 4G mobile network should the fixed line network experience a problem.

A few caveats to bear in mind though. First of all, the Always Connected service will cost you an extra €5 a month, unless you are a subscriber to both Vodafone’s broadband and mobile services. In that case, you’ll get it free for 18 months.


It is open to all broadband customers, unless you are connected via National Broadband Ireland. And it obviously depends on what services are available in your area. You need 4G coverage, as 3G won’t cut it.

However, it is a product that you can set up yourself, and once it is up and running, the automatic switching happens without you lifting a finger, as the use of the word “automatic” suggests.