Huawei MateView GT: Impressive gaming monitor that also suits the home office

Curved 34-inch screen has bright display ideal for streaming movies and home-working

Huawei MateView GT 34
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Huawei MateView GT When was the last time that you looked at your desktop monitor and really appreciated it? Granted, we may all have had a moment's appreciation for the humble display in the weeks following the declaration of the Covid-19 pandemic, when the novelty of working at our kitchen tables wore off and we realised that there was a reason for that 17-inch monitor at work.

But for the most part, we just don’t pay a whole lot of attention to our desktop monitors. It’s not alone in the indifference; when was the last time you researched the best keyboard, poring over specs and comparing different options?

It’s difficult to make these essentials sound exciting. They’re just there, doing their job, being practical.

Practical doesn’t always have to be boring though. The Huawei MateView GT, which is part of a new line of devices that Huawei announced a few months ago, is a curved monitor that is trying to capture the gaming market.


So what sets it apart from the rest? The MateView GT is aimed at gamers – a market that is more likely to be concerned about the quality of their peripherals – so it comes with some extras that you might not see in your regular desktop monitor.

It has a 34-inch screen, which sounds huge but thanks to the curve it isn’t totally overwhelming.

It comes with a 21:9 aspect ration, a 165hz refresh rate and 3440 x 1440 resolution. Its brightness rating is 350 nits, which makes it nicely bright for indoor use. If all that means little to you, in essence what it means is that you’ll get a monitor that will be responsive, easy to view and delivers high-quality images.

The MateView also has a stereo soundbar built in, with two 5W speakers so you don’t need to invest in separate speakers unless you want top-notch sound. It is integrated into the stand so it’s almost unnoticeable and works well for binge-watching your favourite streaming services, playing some games, or even just taking part in webinars and other online meetings (you’ll need a separate webcam for your own video). There are smart dual mics built in to the monitor for audio.

If you are gaming, there are some controls to help you quickly change display settings to suit your game, such as first-person shooter, real-time strategy and so on. That can be done through the on-screen display menu and the under-bezel joystick, although the latter can be a bit fiddly.

There are also features such as “Dark Field Control” that allows you to lighten up the picture and potentially get an advantage on your opponents when the action is murky. The crosshair feature, meanwhile, provides a scope for first-person shooter games.

All that is great, but what does it mean in reality? Well, the picture is near excellent, regardless of whether you are streaming videos, playing games or working. The screen is bright, the action looks smooth and the colours are detailed.

I’m not usually a fan of curved displays, but that is usually reserved for curved TVs; for monitors, having the curve actually brings a level of immersion that justifies the design choice. It’s no virtual reality but it does make things slightly more comfortable too. The whole package feels sturdy too and it certainly needs to, given the size of the screen. There is nothing flimsy about the MateView: it is a solid monitor.

You also get a decent number of ports: one USB C for display, data transfer, and charging, although the latter is limited to 10W at its maximum charging power; another USB C for power supply; two HDMI ports; a DisplayPort connector; and a 3.5mm jack or headphones and microphone input.

The good

The MateView is anything but boring. The slight curve works for a monitor aimed at gamers, but the display also has something to offer to non-gamers. If you plan on using the monitor for home-working, it gives you enough space to spread out your desktop.

The not so good

The sound bar is good for the most part, but you will still get better quality with separate speakers.

The rest

The touch controls for the sound bar are useful, and the “mood lighting” on the front is a nice touch, although not essential. The number of ports means you can add some nice extras, improving the mic performance or adding speakers as you need it.

The verdict

A decently priced gaming monitor that will work equally well for the home office.

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien

Ciara O'Brien is an Irish Times business and technology journalist