New electric skateboards boast impressive range

Tech Tools: Huger’s skateboards have up to 22-mile range and can also tackle hills

Huger’s Classic electric skateboard is the least expensive model and has an 8.5-mile range

Huger Electric Skateboards

Remember when skateboards used to be about trying to master backside flips and ollies? Falling off and breaking your arm the day before a 10-hour flight tends to focus the mind though, and when you reach a certain age it’s less about the tricks and more about transport.

With this in mind, Huger has created a line of e-skateboards that will get you from A to B without too much effort. They’ll even get you up a hill, once it has a maximum gradient of 25 per cent or less, depending on the board you choose. Huger isn’t the only e-skateboard out there, but the new boards have better range than others.

Tackles hills

A rechargeable battery built into the boards will take a couple of hours to charge before you can set off. The Classic is the least expensive of the lot, with – as the name suggests – a classic design, and an 8.5-mile range. It tackles hills with up to a 10 per cent incline. Next up is the Traveller, which has a 22-mile range and can tackle hills up to 20 per cent.


The Racer, meanwhile, is a longboard built for speed, with a 25mph top speed and 20-mile range. If that's not enough for you though you can carry a spare battery – $150 (€128) – that can be swapped out quickly, allowing you to continue your journey. The motor is connected directly to the wheels and is water resistant, a must in Ireland. The Indiegogo campaign – currently live – gives some serious discounts.

$299 (€256)