Samsara luggage teams style with substance

Tech Tools: Aluminium carry-on bag offers smart features for travellers


Samsara Luggage has created the perfect travelling companion: a suitcase that is not only durable and looks good, but also has smart features. That can cover a multitude, though; for Samsara, it includes the ability to charge your mobile devices or power a computer with a USB C port, and alerts if your suitcase moves away from you, or is opened out of your sight, thanks to the accompanying app. And not only that, but the aluminium carry-on bag has a flat top so it doubles as a work surface – handy for being productive at the airport when there is limited space – and it has a new wheel design that gives you extra space inside the bag. If it’s dark when you open the case, a built in LED light will automatically trigger. Its Kickstarter campaign has just ended – raising more than $280,000 for a $15,000 target – but the case will retail for $690.