Imagine your new home with Ikea’s augmented reality app

Weblog: App allows users virtually place products from furniture giant in any room

It’s always difficult to imagine how or where flat-pack furniture will fit in your home before the unboxing and assembly but Swedish furniture giant Ikea has made it a little easier with the Ikea Place app. Using augmented reality facilitated by Google’s ARCore technology, you can choose from more than 2,000 Ikea products and virtually place them in any room.

Inside the app you can choose from tables, sofas or storage units and they will appear in the camera view on your smartphone, superimposed upon the background. As you move towards and around a piece of furniture, it looks as close as possible to the real thing, casting shadows and appearing true to scale. It is also possible to rotate and move the furniture around. A great app for those trying to guess fit and dimensions ahead of purchase.

Additionally, a feature called Visual Search is included: point your phone camera at a piece of furniture you like the look of and if it’s in the Ikea inventory it will pop up with pricing and details. This also works for non-Ikea products by finding pieces that most closely resemble your object of desire.