Google Pixel 4a: A worthy addition to the Pixel line-up

This phone comes with a decent battery, fast charging and – hurray! – a headphone jack

Google has just announced the latest addition to its Pixel line-up, with the Pixel 4a making its debut earlier this week. The Pixel 4a is the successor to the Pixel 3a, a more budget-friendly addition to Google's phone line-up.

The phone has a 5.8in full HD+ OLED display, with support for HDR. The camera is 12.2 megapixels on the rear of the phone and eight megapixels front facing, with Google’s portrait mode and extras such as the astrophotography setting. It also comes with a decent battery and supports fast charging, although it doesn’t have wireless charging built in.

Best of all, it keeps the headphone jack, which is becoming an increasingly rare sight on smartphones these days.