Frazzled? Norway’s slow TV will get you back on track

Weblog: Resolve to stay calm in the new year by watching a seven-hour train journey


The beginning of a new year feels like a natural time to make a fresh start, but there is pressure to overhaul one’s life completely in an understanding that we are horribly flawed specimens in need of drastic remoulding. But what if we simply resolved to be a bit nicer or slow down a little?

Why not nestle down further into your cocoon of hygge and jump into another Nordic trend: slow TV. This is something started by Norwegian national television station NRK in 2009 when it broadcast a minute-by-minute train journey across Southern Norway – all seven hours and 16 minutes of it.

Long running train

Relaxing and absorbing, it became a huge hit and has spawned similar real-time documentaries including the BBC’s recent Great Reindeer Migration. Visit NRK’s website for more slow TV documentaries including Peep-Show (birds, mostly just eating) and National Knitting Night.

(also on YouTube)