Deepstash: Self-improvement app for the time poor

Web log: Delivering bite-sized nuggets of knowledge on a daily basis

Deepstash straddles the space between educational and self-help. This new app says it is aimed at lifelong learners and is designed to deliver bite-sized nuggets of knowledge to keep the user motivated on a daily basis.

Huh? Okay, it is essentially a self-improvement app that curates quality content from across the web and breaks this content down into core ideas. Each day, it presents a handful of articles and a handy at-a-glance list of the main themes. So, you can decide to read the article in full and use these core ideas as a quick reference or just do a Cliff’s Notes on it and skip the article completely.

A skim of the curated content shows pieces on everything from “7 Little Zen Habits That Can Change Your Life” to “The Sleep Myths Damaging Your Health” taken from LifeHacker, the Guardian, Medium, and others. These are the kinds of articles that I tend to save for later but never get around to reading so it’s nice to have them grouped in themes and summarised within a nicely designed app.