Turn your old phone into a security cam

Web log: The AlfredCamera uses motion dection to trigger recording

The AlfredCamera can work in low light.

The AlfredCamera can work in low light.


Most of us have an old smartphone or two lying around, getting increasingly obsolete. Why not put it to good use by installing AlfredCamera and transforming it into a security camera?

The app is installed on both your current phone and spare one: you simply designate one device as the camera and the other for viewing, link them through your Google account and it’s ready to go.

You don’t have to keep dropping in on the app to keep tabs on the camera; AlfredCamera uses motion detection to trigger recording, captures both video and sound, and sends an alert to your phone to notify you. If you plan to use it as a baby or pet monitor, it has the benefit of working in low light and it’s possible to add friends or family to your “trust circle” if you need someone to look in on your home while you’re busy.

There’s also a siren that can be remotely triggered and a two-way “intercom” feature should you wish to entertain your dog by yelling and sobbing as you watch powerless and from a distance while it chews up your expensive cushions.