Revenue nabs almost 200, Irish start-up hopes for ‘glamping’ boost

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‘Glamping’ leads the way for Zoobox.

‘Glamping’ leads the way for Zoobox.


Almost 200 Irish residents who failed to avail of a window to disclose offshore assets have since been caught by Revenue, report Dominic Coyle and Fiona Reddan. The 190 taxpayers are just the first group in an ongoing investigation by tax authorities of money, property and other assets that had been hidden from Irish Revenue.

Irish start-up Zoobox, which hopes to cash in on growing demand for back-to-nature holidays and “glamping”, has won a near €3 million contract to supply pre-fab homes to Canada. Barry O’Halloran reports.

A “smart Atlantic way” could close the economic gap between east and west coasts and put the western region on a more competitive footing internationally, according to a new report. Lorna Siggins has the details.

The Government’s home renovation incentive scheme is prompting households “to invest heavily in the fabric of their homes” with spending expected to reach a record €2.1 billion this year, according to the latest Consumer Market Monitor. Laura Slattery reports.

Why aren’t Japanese companies being prompted by Brexit to locate in Ireland? Is it because there aren’t enough good Japanese restaurants? David McNeill reports from Tokyo.

Dublin advertising company DDFH&B slipped into a loss in 2017, its last financial year, before a merger of its creative agency with sister company Target McConnells and their subsequent rebranding as JWT Folk, writes Laura Slattery.

Pilita Clark wonders how you handle your friend at work also being your closest rival.

Our latestInside Business podcast hears about the upcoming Mediacon, our innovation awards and, of course, Brexit.

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