Business Podcast: Boston for €65, but not everyone’s happy

We also looks at EU corporate tax plans and the major threat posed by Italian banks

Evan Cullen,  president of  IALPA, who is oppoed to Norwegian Air’s plans.

Evan Cullen, president of IALPA, who is oppoed to Norwegian Air’s plans.


The imposing acronym CCCTB could spell serious trouble for the Irish economy according to the Economic and Social Research Institute. Bottom line: the proposed European Common Consolidated Corporate Tax Base could wipe 1.5 per cent off economic output.

On today’s Inside Business podcast, Mark Paul goes into the details of the ESRI’s report. Economist Jim Power says it is time we faced the inevitability of more equitable corporate tax rates and faced up to the challenges this will pose our unique situation, while Suzanne Lynch in Brussels says CCCTB is not yet cause for panic.

Mark, Jim and Suzanne also discuss the plight of Italian banks which some fear could plunge the EU into a new banking crisis in 2017, and take another look at the goings-on in Independent News and Media’s boardroom after Monday’s EGM bun-fight between board and shareholders over pensions.

In part two: $69 transatlantic flights? At that price point you might be forgiven for ignoring the fine details, and Norwegian Air’s plan to launch the groundbreaking service from Cork and Shannon to New York and Boston next year has been welcomed by many - but not all.

Irish Airline Pilots Association rep Evan Cullen has objected to the new route due to what he says are unfair working conditions for some crew employed by Norwegian Air. To discuss we’re joined by Evan, Norwegian Air spokesperson Stuart Buss and Irish Times aviation reporter Barry O’Halloran.

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