Inside Business Podcast: Will UK elections lead to softer Brexit?

This week’s episode also looks at the impact on Irish workers of the review of US H-1B visas


What exactly does the British Prime Minister want? That’s the question The Irish Times columnist Chris Johns asks in the latest Inside Business podcast.

He joins Business Editor Cliff Taylor and Markets Correspondent Joe Brennan to discuss the fallout from Theresa May’s surprise announcement of a snap UK election yesterday, how it might affect the Brexit negotiations and what impact will be felt here in Ireland.

Later in the podcast, Simon Carswell has the details of Trump’s plan to review of the H-1B visa programme and outlines what it’s likely to mean for Irish people seeking to work in the US.

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There is also some discussion of the setbacks to Trump’s tax reform plans and why that means Irish businesses can breathe a sigh of relief, for now at least.

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