Paddy McKillen snr gets €15.2m dividend from management company

Hume Street Management Consultants provides corporate and property services

Hotelier and developer, Paddy McKillen snr last year received a €15.2 million dividend from his Dublin-based management company.

New accounts show that Mr McKillen received the dividend from from Hume Street Management Consultants Ltd. The payment followed a dividend of €4.6 million in 2017.

The company’s turnover derives from the provision of corporate and property management services. It last year had revenues of €8.4 million from connected companies.

The €8.4 million includes €5.6 million Mr McKillen received in fees for his work for the London-based Maybourne luxury hotel group, which consists of the five-star Claridges, Connaught and Berkeley hotels.


The revenues for Mr McKillen’s Hume Street Management company also includes €2.69 million in income from PDT Real Estate Development.

Hume Street Management Consultants Ltd last year recorded pretax profits of €7.895 million.

Post-tax profits

The company recorded post-tax profits of €7.01 million after a corporation tax charge of €879,186.

At the end of last year, accumulated profits at the company totalled €5.3 million while the dividend payout contributed to its cash pile falling from €9.7 million to €4,252.

Pay to directors at the company last year totalled €205,190. The company employed eight people and staff costs totalled €486,253.

Gordon Deegan

Gordon Deegan

Gordon Deegan is a contributor to The Irish Times