In their own words: the AIB Start-up Academy finalists

The finalists of this year's AIB Start-up Academy talk about their lightbulb moment, their target audience and how their business solves a problem

We spoke to the finalists of this year's AIB Start-up Academy. Watch the videos below to find out more about their startups.

This year's winner of the AIB Start-up Academy was Ostoform.

The first runner up of the Academy was Frankman.

The second runner up was Izzy Wheels.

The other available finalists in this year's Academy were: 
Shane Ryan, FEED
Mary Toner, Bakers and Cakers
Keelin O'Keeffe, Kiki Moon
Stephen Pennington, Atturos
Amanda Swan, The Little Pharma
Niall Harty, Origin Bars
Mark Rowe, Dynomed
Jennifer Hourihane, Oathello
Jennifer Nickerson, Tipperary Boutique Distillery
Ken McHugh, Fresh From

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