Thomas Edison

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 Robbie Power on Tudor City in action during the the Guinness Galway Hurdle Handicap. Photograph: James Crombie

Tudor City secured a thrilling Guinness Galway Hurdle success on Thursday to give his trainer Tony Martin a timely big race boost. Martin’s fortunes(...)

Thomas Edison carefully fashioned an image as a hands-on inventor and built social capital with other inventors, financiers and wealthy families.

Many of those involved in innovation fail to win the funding, talent, technical support or other resources required to progress their plans, despite h(...)

"In the western world, happiness is seen as the ultimate goal and I just don’t agree with that."

Jetting to New York to interview Christina Hendricks for The Observer, mirroring Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop regime in the name of research, and karaoke-in(...)

Smartt says she has observed a pattern of particular imagery and metaphor, and a tendency towards repetition

People often think about what they would have for a last meal or imagine what kind of funeral arrangements they would like, but we don’t really think (...)

Samuel O’Reilly learned the art of tattooing during a brief stint in the Navy.

Body modifications like tattoos have long since been a part of Irish culture, and are depicted in many ways throughout history - in both print and pai(...)

General Electric: while its industrial business looks analogue in the digital age, somebody has to make the engines that fly planes. Photograph: Venance/AFP/Getty

As end-of-an-era stories go, this one was irresistible. General Electric, once the mightiest corporate conglomerate in the world and a benchmark of Am(...)

Last year vinyl releases outsold digital downloads for the first time
Why vinyl refuses to die
  • Music
  • April 28, 2018, 06:30

Eight years ago, gonzo celebrity chef Anthony Bourdain published a book entitled Medium Raw, which contained a scathing chapter about the phenomenon o(...)

Cast member Dan Gordon in Stephen Sondheim’s “Assassins”, running at the Gate Theatre from April 12th to June 7th. Photograph: Agata Stoinska

“When I leave the stage I’ll be the most famous man in America,” John Wilkes Booth, one of the lesser lights in a 19th-century acting family, is alleg(...)

In a word . . . work

Ah yes, work. The four-letter word. “The curse of the drinking classes,” was how Oscar Wilde defined it. And so it is. Lauded since time immemorial,(...)

Pug’s pug: Tom Sharkey  left Dundalk as a young man to join the merchant ships; he started to box after joining the US navy. Photograph: Library of Congress/Corbis/VCG via Getty

It was 118 years ago last Friday that Thomas Edison – yes, that Thomas Edison – employed 11 electricians to hang 400 lamps over a boxing ring at Coney(...)

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