Richard Bruton

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Germany calling: Enda Kenny at a press conference in Berlin. Photograph: Sean Gallup/Getty

A senior Fine Gael figure smiles as he muses on Enda Kenny’s reluctance to fill the vacancy for junior agriculture minister, a post that has be(...)

Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton: “We need to implement some of the changes like having broader, more representative boards, like having better opportunities for citizens to scrutini
se what’s happening”

The Companies Bill and measures pushed by the Irish presidency of the European Union will create “a complianc(...)

Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton: insisted the existing contractual rights of workers in sectors covered by Registered Employment Agreements were unaffected by the ruling. Photograph: David Sleator

Employment in the construction sector was effectively deregulated yesterday after the Supreme Court struck down as “unconstitu(...)

 Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton:  Sought an effective tax tate of 30% for eligible multinational executives. Photograph: Matt Kavanagh

Minister for Jobs Richard Bruton sought to introduce generous tax breaks for executives in multinational companies in the run-up to Budget 2013, do(...)

The Government is trying to change the focus of the economy. Minister for Jobs and Enterprise Richard Bruton is hoping a model based on endeavo(...)

Goods out: a container ship loading in Dublin Port. Photograph: Jason Hawkes/Stone/Getty

A month before the bailout, on October 27th, 2010, a strategy to help bring about an “export-led recovery” in the ailing economy was revealed b(...)

There was good news for the Irish jobs market today with the news that almost 300 jobs would be created around the country at three different firms(...)

AIB CEO David Duffy with Minister Richard Bruton and President of the European investment Bank Werner Hoyer in Ballsbridge. Photograph: David Sleator

Hundreds of small and medium-sized Irish companies will get access to cheaper loans following the European Investment B(...)

Speakers at the enterprise conference in Dublin Castle include Minister for Jobs, Enterprise and Innovation Richard Bruton. Photograph : Matt Kavanagh

The role of small- and medium-sized enterprises in Europe will be discussed at a meeting of MPs and MEPs in Dublin this morning. The par(...)

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