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With Mick O’Shea performing at Phonica Seven in Smock Alley Theatre. Photograph: Phonica

At Phonica: One, Sue Rainsford dipped the pages she was reading from and notebooks she kept towards her evolving novella in water, emphasising the flu(...)

James Kelman: “I always wrote about the people in the pub or the bookie’s.” Photograph: Roberto Ricciuti/ Getty

James Kelman is sipping black coffee in the cafe of Glasgow’s Mitchell Library; the largest public reference facility in Europe, that houses(...)

Yurodny produce a rich synthesis of wildly celebratory music and epic songs of loss and longing

At a time when broad swathes of the world are focusing ever inward, music has a funny way of coaxing our gaze outward again. Yurodny embody that outwa(...)

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble play a special matinee at the Sugar Club in Dublin, aimed at young jazz fans

Hypnotic Brass Ensemble matinee Sugar Club, Dublin Saturday December 9th 2pm €10 (children)/€12.50 (adults) Creative instrumental mus(...)

Irish outliers Yurodny, led by saxophonist Nick Roth, may be fishing in the turbulent waters of the avant-garde, blending jazz, free improv, Balka(...)

Every now and again, an album wends its way into the ether than shakes up our sense of the known musical world. Cork Gamelan Ensemble do just (...)

Mel Mercier: ‘A wonderful thing about gamelan music is it’s quintessential ensemble music’

The gamelan, a collection of traditional Javanese percussive instruments, has been skirting the periphery of our musical landscape for more than tw(...)

Review: Tundra

Tundra **** Samuel Beckett Theatre We feel and hear the Arctic wind howling across the imagined tundra of Emma Martin Dance, and watch (...)

Francesco Turrisi: Grigio
  • Music
  • November 8, 2013, 00:00

European jazz musicians of recent generations have been keen to forge identities of their own, distinct from the blues-based American form . One of th(...)

Dublin percussionist/composer/palindromist Matthew Jacobsen recently joined the small cadre of Irish jazz musicians working in New York, where his son(...)

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