ReDiviDeR: meets I Dig Monk, Tuned

meets I Dig Monk, Tuned
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Artist: Redivider
Genre: Jazz
Label: Diatribe

Dublin percussionist/composer/palindromist Matthew Jacobsen recently joined the small cadre of Irish jazz musicians working in New York, where his sonic intrepidity will find more regular outlets than perhaps his hometown affords. His parting gift to Diatribe, the new music label he runs with his brother Daniel, is another adventure in sound from ReDiviDeR, his own two-horns-no-chords quartet. Featuring Roth alongside trombonist Colm O'Hara and bassist Derek Whyte, this is a group that likes to explore the edges of music: a collage of loops, samples and old-fashioned noise blends with tightly written melodies for the horns, underpinned by Jacobsen's twisted grooves. Along the way there are fruitful encounters with some leading UK players. Think Steve Coleman meets Deerhoof, in a darkened room.