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Swans are fiercely protective parents and they see a dog as a predator

Every year there are several reports of swans being killed by dogs - but it is virtually unheard of for a swan to kill a dog, according to Birdwatch I(...)

Giant tree ferns growing in Kells Bay. Photograph:  Richard Johnston

If you’ve ever been to the sub-tropical gardens of Kells Bay in coastal southwest Kerry, then you’ll know it’s a place of rare beauty where peat-stain(...)

Starter binocular options at about €120 can greatly enhance your observations. Photograph: ZenShui/Odilon Dimier/Getty Images

Very few people are entirely indifferent to birds, and most of us find them an occasional source of some brief wonder and delight. Even the most comm(...)

Mature trees and shrubs such as these shown growing in Helen Dillon’s old Dublin garden are an important part of the charm of established gardens. Photo graph: Richard Johnston

Help! We’ve very excited to have recently bought an old house with its own existing garden. We’re about to begin renovation works on the building and (...)

Perhaps the most beautiful of all terns, the snow-white seabird sports a jet-black cap and long tail streamers. Photograph: Brian Burke

A conservation success story is confirmed by touch down in Ireland this month. Roseate terns have flown in from West Africa to Europe and most are now(...)

 Roseate terns on Rockabill. Photograph: Alan Betson

Over the next few weeks a conservation success story will touch down in Ireland: roseate terns will fly in from West Africa to Europe to nest on Irela(...)

Swans are most likely to hit overhead wires because the position of their eyes on the side of their heads leaves them with poor frontal vision according to BirdWatch Ireland’s Niall Hatch. Photograph: Colum Clarke/Birdwatch Ireland

The number of birds killed or injured by electricity wires is far higher than people realise, BirdWatch Ireland has warned. Niall Hatch, of BirdWatc(...)

Humpback whale off Cork. Photograph: Pádraig Whooley/IWDG

There is a vast array of everyday wonders around this island’s 7,800km rim. With the help of a group of coastal cognoscenti, here are 55 alternatives(...)

A seagull at the British Open in Scotland. Photograph: Paul Childs/Reuters

A Kerry-based marine expert has called for “a bit of factual perspective” on the debate over “killer gulls” and has warned that the birds face a real (...)

“Birds such as the heron are protected, so shooting a heron is a crime - I have never come across a heron being shot before but we would strongly condemn it,”  Birdwatch Ireland development officer Niall Hatch said. File photograph: Aidan Crawley/The Irish Times

Birdwatch Ireland has condemned the shooting dead of a heron in Co Cork and urged anyone with any information to contact the wild life service or gard(...)

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