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Tesla chief executive Elon Musk after his company’s initial public offering at the Nasdaq market in New York, 2010. Photograph: Brendan McDermid/File Photo/Reuters

Things just keep getting worse for Tesla. Shares in the electric car stock are down more than 40 per cent this year and fell well below $200 for the f(...)

US indices have hit multiple all-time highs this year and the nine-year bull market remains intact, recent weakness notwithstanding.

Professional investors are bearish but the kind of panic seen at major stock-market bottoms remains absent, according to Merrill Lynch’s latest monthl(...)

The New York Stock Exchange in lower Manhattan. US equities are flirting with all-time highs but this is far from the case elsewhere in the world. Photograph: Spencer Platt/Getty Images

The big news in financial markets over recent days was not the the full-blown culture war raging in the US over the Brett Kavanaugh nomination, but a (...)

The numbers are displayed after the closing bell of the Dow in New York on Thursday. Photograph:  Bryan R Smith/AFP/Getty Images

The Dow Jones Industrial Average is the world’s most widely followed share price index. It was created more than 120 years ago by the Wall Street Jour(...)

“Stock markets suffer frequent declines, but the long-term trend has always been an upward one.” Photograph: Reuters

Stock markets don’t rise all of the time but they do gain most of the time. It generally pays to take the optimistic view, so why are so many financia(...)

A Theresa May election victory would push the next election out until 2022, giving her  more time to negotiate international trade deals after Brexit, “boosting the chance of an economic revival even after a very hard departure from the EU”. Photograph: Getty Images

Political risk has dominated the investment landscape over the last year, what with unexpected populist victories (Brexit and Trump) and months of ago(...)

Becoming the 11th GICS sector gives listed real estate additional prestige and prominence. S&P and MSCI, as ‘Financial Times’ columnist John Authers noted recently, “have done the Reits industry a big favour”. Photograph: iStockphoto

Once a niche investment, real estate investment trusts (Reits) have seen enormous growth in recent years, and the flow of money into the sector may b(...)

Traders working on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange earlier this month. The momentum effect can be found in 212 years of US data. Photograph: Reuters/Brendan McDermid

It sounds too good to be true – just buy stocks that are rising, and forget all that agonising over company balance sheets and earnings reports and so(...)