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The Child Care Law Reporting Project, led by Dr Carol Coulter, was established in 2012 to report on and examine court orders made under the Child Care Act, mainly relating to taking children into care. Photograph: Alan Betson

The plight of parents who were unable to visit their seriously ill child, who had been involuntarily admitted to hospital on foot of a court order, is(...)

Coronavirus has caused disputes over access to children in family law cases. Photograph: Alan Betson

Coronavirus has caused disputes over access to children in family law cases and complaints about face masks, physical distancing and foster parents li(...)

The family law division of the District Court was one of the last jurisdictions to introduce remote hearings. Photograph: Alan Betson

Family law practitioners have raised concerns that virtual childcare hearings will result in aggrieved parents uploading footage of cases to the inter(...)

There are 26 secure care beds in the State “and only 14 of them are available mainly due to staffing problems” the report says. Photograph: iStock

Almost half the secure beds provided for the most at-risk children in the State are closed because of “staffing problems” a hard-hitting report publis(...)

Forty-seven reports based on orders made under the Child Care Act are being published by the Child Care Law Reporting Project on its website on Monday. Photograph: iStock

A child in care had nowhere to go after a placement in a private facility broke down on the eve of a bank holiday because of financial issues with the(...)

In Galway city all family law cases were held on the same day with criminal cases in other courts in the courthouse.

Childcare cases are being heard in overcrowded and “severely overworked” courts alongside criminal cases, in sometimes dilapidated courthouses without(...)

Homelessness has emerged as a factor keeping some children in the care of the State as judges are reluctant to send a child back to a parent who has n(...)

Mourners at the funeral of Eileen Battersby in Drogheda at St Peter’s Church, Drogheda, Co Louth.  Photograph: Donall Farmer

Literary critic, author and journalist Eileen Battersby was a “brilliant”, “beguiling”, “beautiful”, “courageous”, “dynamic” romantic who lived by her(...)


It is “inevitable” there will eventually be a “car crash” where a suitable care place could not be found for a disturbed young person, the High Court (...)

The report examines ten “lengthy and complex” cases which “illustrate the difficulties in reconciling” the system of law with the child protection process. Photograph: iStock

Lack of co-operation between gardaí and social workers and inadequate supports for many district courts are contributing to child protection cases tak(...)

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