Gibraltar is the regulatory base of 11 out of 24 foreign companies registered with the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland

Gibraltar, home of an insurer that collapsed last week affecting 14,000 Irish customers, is the top location for overseas companies selling motor cov(...)

Enterprise Insurance’s closure will put more pressure on the incredible upward march of motor insurance costs, up an extraordinary 38.8 per cent in the year to June. Photograph: Dave Meehan/The Irish Times

The single European market has brought a lot of benefit for Irish consumers. But in the world of motor insurance, it has meant something of a nightma(...)

Cars in Dublin’s city centre: The big insurers in the Irish market have pushed up prices dramatically over the past two years, with premiums rising by some 25 per cent last year and further again this year. Photograph:  Dara Mac Donaill

The insurance industry has denied that a lack of transparency on its part is driving up car premiums, instead citing factors such as high legal costs(...)

The Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (Mibi) has signalled its intention to proceed with a Supreme Court appeal against a decision that it must pay out on the 1,750 outstanding claims left in the wake of Setanta Insurance’s collapse in 2014.

The Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (Mibi) has signalled its intention to proceed with a Supreme Court appeal against a decision that it must pay ou(...)

Tim Redfern’s motor insurance renewal quote was €600, up from €456 the previous year, but he shopped around and eventually got his cover renewed for €404

Irish motorists could be forgiven for thinking car insurance companies are making it up as they go along. Take Robert Bogue’s case. He is in his 30s, (...)

Both the High Court and the Court of Appeal have found that MIBI should meet the   costs of claims relating to Setanta Insurance

The liquidator of Setanta Insurance in Malta has expressed his “deep concern” at the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland’s decision this week to seek le(...)

Setanta Insurance, a company registered in Malta that offered motor insurance in Ireland, collapsed in 2014 and left outstanding claims of €90 million(...)

Blue is the colour and GAA is the game for Declan O’Rourke, who heads the Irish operation of global insurance giant AIG. Dublin blue, that is, not t(...)

 Luis Bonell, president of Liberty International: “In many other markets we get monthly information, we get quarterly information. In Ireland, it comes annually and with months of delay.” Photograph: Eric Luke / The Irish Times

The head of Liberty Insurance’s international division was in Dublin on Monday for a briefing with management at its Irish subsidiary and a courtesy m(...)

Following the Maltese-registered Setanta’s liquidation, some 1,750 claims by and against its policyholders remained in existence

An appeal by the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland (MIBI) against a High Court ruling that it must pay out on outstanding claims following the collap(...)

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