Court orders Dublin Bus mechanic not to sell €50,000 powerboat

Ian Doyle faces legal costs bill of almost €29,000 following fraudulent accident claim

A Dublin Bus mechanic who faces a legal costs bill of €29,000 following a fraudulent accident claim, has told a judge a €50,000 powerboat he is selling belongs to his parents.

Judge Jacqueline Linnane heard that Ian Doyle (34), a father of five of The Academy Buildings, Park West, Nangor Road, had bought the cruiser for his parents Noel and Elizabeth Doyle of Cherry Orchard Drive, Ballyfermot.

Mr Doyle said he had done so to partly repay them for having earlier loaned him money to buy an apartment and he had taken out a €20,000 bank loan to fund the cruiser purchase from a man on the Done Deal website.

He had “a piece of paper” at home confirming the purchase.


Mr Doyle told the court he did not have the money to employ a solicitor to represent him and spoke for himself, adding that his mother had accompanied him and was in court.

Moira Flahive, counsel for Zurich Insurance and the Motor Insurance Bureau of Ireland, obtained a temporary injunction two weeks ago from Judge Linnane in the Circuit Civil Court restraining Doyle from selling the boat or doing anything to reduce his assets below €28,881.


Ms Flahive, who appeared with David Culleton of DAC Beachcroft Solicitors, told the court that last October the President of the Circuit Court, Mr Justice Raymond Groarke, found Mr Doyle had fraudulently claimed €60,000 damages against motorist Belinda McLoughlin and the bureau in a "set-up" crash.

An order for costs against Doyle had been made and had since been officially determined at €28,881, which the bureau and Zurich are seeking to recover from him.

Zurich Insurance had refused to indemnify Ms McLoughlin and had fought four cases, including Mr Doyle’s, on the grounds all of them were fraudulent.

Ms Flahive had told the court Doyle had been found to be one of four linked claimants seeking a total of €240,000 damages against Ms McLoughlin. Zurich Insurance had conducted a search of any assets Mr Doyle might have and had discovered he was attempting to sell his power boat on

Judge Linnane adjourned the proceedings to July 6th and directed that Mr Doyle next time bring any documentation he possessed regarding his purchase of the cruiser with him.