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 Andreana Pulcrano and Vincenzo Rea and baby Alice Joy Rea  photographed near their home in Dublin. Photograph: Alan Betson/The Irish Times

When Vincenzo Rea moved to Ireland in December 2013 he hoped it wouldn’t take long to find work. An engineering graduate and former IT tutor, he had r(...)

Volcanoes such as Etna have become tourist attractions,  with visitors prepared to take more chances to get near the summit than locals

Volcanoes have erupted without warning and killed people living on, or near them, since the dawn of human history. The Vesuvius eruption of AD 79 kill(...)

Diego Maradona emerges into the San Paulo stadium for his media presentation after signing for Napoli. Photograph: Alfredo Copozzi

For most of us it feels like a lifetime ago but just over three weeks have passed since the UK went into social lockdown. Friday, March 20th, to be pr(...)

 Brigid O’Dea: ‘Why do we live through the moments of pain if not for the moments of love and shared joy?’ Photograph: Alan Betson

Greta Gerwig’s Little Women opens with the line: “I (have) had lots of troubles; so I write jolly tales.” Art is often used as a medium to explore t(...)

 As we wait for life to return to normal, it’s still possible to live a slice of authentic Italy at home

“I’m thinking of everyone in hotspots right now, young and old, but Crema – my heart is with you, I can’t believe this is happening,” wrote actor Timo(...)

Emergency service personnel in Catania join a ceremony as mayors across Italy stand in silence on Tuesday to honour the country’s dead from the coronavirus outbreak. Photograph: Antonio Parrinello/Reuters

At the start of Italy’s national lockdown to stop the spread of coronavirus, videos circulated online of entire streets singing together in solidarity(...)

A woman sings from her balcony in Rome. Photograph: Reuters

In the minutes before six o’clock, Jessica Phelan climbed the stairs to the roof of her building to look out over her Rome neighbourhood. All day on s(...)

Darren Bradley, co-owner of Nonna’s Wood Fired Pizzas in Derry, holding one of the bags of flour from Naples used in the restaurant. Photograph: Trevor McBride

Two pizza-loving entrepreneurs, whose Derry business has just been named as the best takeaway in Northern Ireland, are worried that failure by the UK (...)

The top of the table Serie A clash between Juventus and Internazionale could be played behind closed doors due to coronavirus. Photograph: Emilio Andreoli/Getty

Serie A matches are set to be played behind closed doors amid the coronavirus outbreak which has hit the north of the country if proposals from the It(...)

The city has lost none of its fascination: buckets are still lowered from high windows on winding lanes strung with washing lines. Photograph: iStock

The moment I hit Naples for the first time 20 years ago I knew it was my favourite Italian city. Having torn through Elena Ferrante’s Neapolitan novel(...)

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