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Sexual violence is a brutal act, regardless of where it happens and who it happens to – there is no typical victim or typical scenario. The one thing that victims will always have in common is the harrowing, and unforgettable, nature of their experience, writes Maeve Eogan, medical director of the sexual-assault treatment unit at the Rotunda Hospital, in Dublin.

A new Higher Education Authority study on the profile of medical students has found that the modern day Irish medical student is likely to be young, female, Dublin-based and from an affluent background. Áine McMahon reports.

The provost of Trinity College, Dublin, has criticised the role of social media in spreading “fake news” during recent protests by students at the university. Dr Patrick Prendergast said a tweet was widely circulated stating that the college had bought him a penthouse apartment at a cost of €1.95 million. Carl O’Brien reports.

A Belfast student’s legal attempt to allow Irish citizens in Northern Ireland to vote in next month’s referendum on the Eighth Amendment to the Constitution of the Republic is being opposed by the Government. Read about Róisín Morelli’s case here.

The ‘right to be forgotten’, recognised by the European Union as the right of individuals to ask search engines to delete information about themselves, is one with which I am not closely acquainted. But in the (worringly) near future my college will grant a similar ‘right’ to me, whether I want it or not. Louise Lawless on her final days in third level.

The Student Digestive: This is a simple dish to make, especially at times when assignments have drained you of any remaining brain power. Food blogger Deborah Ryan’s ten-minute dish that is ideal for preparing between study sessions.

Apparently, Google is altering its software to allow users quicker access to emojis. Depress just two keys and you will bring up a pile of poo. Donald Clarke on the curse of the ‘crying laughing’ emoji, AKA Blubbing Dipstick

’People need to realise ‘Room to Improve’ is just a TV show. It’s not reality’ Ross O’Carroll-Kelly realises that Dermot Bannon has warped the minds of his customers.

Irish Times writers on six of the best films to see at the cinema this weekend. This week’s fare includes Custody, Making the Grade and A Quiet Place. Read more here.