Hurling Sunday: Final round of Leinster and Munster championships as it happened

Kilkenny and Dublin make Leinster final, while Limerick and Clare make Munster final


Final scores:

Limerick 0-30 Waterford 2-14

Clare 1-24 Tipperary 0-24

The final table:

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So Limerick march on towards the five-in-a-row, booking their place in another Munster hurling final with a 0-30 to 2-14 over Waterford at the Gaelic Grounds, that 10-point win ending Waterford’s interest in this year’s championship in the process. Clare beat Tipp in the other final round game, 1-24 to 0-24, to book their place in the final too, while Cork end up in third place, and will go into the preliminary quarter-final.


Crowd of 31,487 at the Gaelic Grounds and Limerick go into added time seven points up, Hegarty putting them 0-27 to 2-14 in front.


Gillane pushes Limerick seven points clear, as Waterford’s scoring dries up.


Clare are still holding out the late rally by Tipp, up 1-22 to 0-21 in Thurles.


Diarmuid Byrnes hits a massive free, and Limerick are up by five, 0-24 to 2-13


Limerick move four points up going into the last 10 minutes. As things stand, a loss here would mean Waterford are out.


Gillane makes amends with his next free, and Limerick are back up by three, 0-21 to 2-13, on 59 minutes.


Down in Semple Stadium, Clare remain in control, 1-19 to 0-15, Jake Morris getting one back for Tipp.


Waterford turnover the ball, and strike straight back. Two-point game!


Cian Lynch wins a free for Limerick but Gillane misses, and it remains 0-21 to 2-12, a three-point game, on 55 minutes.


Dessie Hutchinson gets it back to two for Waterford, 0-9 to 2-11. Limerick then win a free to restore their advantage to three.


Waterford have it back to a three-point game, 0-19 to 2-10, on 49 minutes.


Clare starting to open some daylight on Tipp, up 1-17 to 0-12.


GOAL for Waterford, Shane Bennett gets his second from close range, game back on: Limerick 0-19, Waterford 2-9.


Tom Morrissey shows his trademark strength to fire over another for Limerick, now up 0-19 to 1-9.


GOAL for Clare in Sample Stadium, and move 1-15 to 0-12 up on Tipp.


Another free for Aaron Gillane and the All-Ireland champions are up on Waterford 0-17 to 1-8


Clare are back in front against Tipperary, looking to keep alive their chances of making the Munster final.


Back underway at the Gaelic Grounds, and a quick exchange of scores has Limerick up to 0-15 and Waterford to 1-8


Despite having nothing to play for, Tipp are certainly putting things up to Clare at Semple Stadium, level 0-11 apiece at half-time.


So as it stands, Limerick are on six points, Clare on five points and will contest the Munster final, Cork on four points for the preliminary round and Waterford and Tipperary would be heading out of the championship.

The half-time scores:

Limerick 0-14 Waterford 1-06

Tipperary 0-11 Clare 0-11


Despite hitting 14 first-half wides, Limerick are up on Waterford by five points at the Gaelic Grounds at half-time, 0-14 to 1-6, their five-in-a-row aspirations very much still alive.


David Fitzgerald gets his first score for Clare and they move in front of Tipp for the first time, 0-9 to 0-8


Mark Rogers scores for Clare, and they are now level with Tipp at Semple Stadium, 0-8 apiece.


Approaching half-time at the Gaelic Grounds and Limerick are starting to dominate, 0-12 to 1-8


Clare are back to within a point of Tipp, Aidan McCarthy converting a free won by Shane O’Donnell, 0-8 to 0-7.


Limerick are back in front against Waterford, 0-8 to 1-4.


Meanwhile Tipperary, already out of the championship, are ahead of Clare 0-7 to 0-5.


Limerick respond with two points, and it’s back to a one-point game, 1-4 to 0-6


GOAL for Waterford at the Gaelic Grounds, Shane Bennett making it 1-4 to 0-4.


Waterford level it up against Limerick, Stephen Bennett making it 0-4 apiece.


Waterford a back to a point, Paddy Leavey from play, 0-3 to Limerick’s 0-4.


At Semple Stadium, it’s level, Tipperary and Clare 0-2 apiece.


Waterford get one back, Stephen Bennett from play


Here is the final table for the Leinster SHC:

It’s the end of the road then for Galway. Next up at 4pm is Limerick v Waterford and Tipperary v Clare. This is how Munster looks before the start of the final round:

Limerick are already up three points on Waterford, 0-4 to 0-1.


Wexford progress ahead of Galway on the head-to-head rule, having beaten them in Wexford Park earlier.


Antrim win the relegation battle over Carlow, 4-22 to 2-22, which means Carlow will play the Joe McDonagh Cup next year.


Full time in Kilkenny, a thundering finish by Wexford, but just lose out, 1-24 to 2-20. Kilkenny will play Dublin in the final, Wexford go through into the preliminary quarter-final.


It’s all over in Salthill, and Henry Shefflin’s Galway are gone from the hurling championship, Dublin winning 2-27 to 1-24, a six point win, to book their place in the Leinster final against Kilkenny.


TJ converts a free, and Kilkenny up on Wexford 1-24 to 2-18


Into the four minutes of added time in Salthil, and Dublin are five points up


Dublin are holding on to their four-point lead, 2-24 to 1-23, with two minutes of normal time to play


GOAL for Wexford, Rory O’Connor sets up Cian Byrne, and they are back to 2-17 to 1-22 against Kilkenny


Antrim are just about holding on against Carlow, 4-18 to 2-21, on 30 minutes


Kilkenny move five in front again, 1-22 to 1-17.


GOAL for Galway, a lifeline which brings it back to 1-22 to 2-22


Dublin are now six points up, 2-22 to 0-22, and 14-man Galway struggle to find a score from play


Donal Burke brings his tally to 1-9, Dublin up 2-21 to 0-22 on 59 minutes, and as things stand Galway are facing a championship exit


GOAL for Antrim, and they get ahead of Carlow again, 4-17 to 2-19


Evan Niland gets his eighth point, and Galway have it back to four points, 0-22 to Dublin’s 2-20.


Two points in succession for Kilkenny, and they now lead Wexford 1-20 to 1-14.


Chris Crummy scores his third point for Dublin, and they go four up, 2-19 to 0-21


A penalty for Kilkenny against Wexford, buried by TJ Reid, and they are up 1-18 to 1-13 on 51 minutes


Dublin are back in front by three, 2-18 to 0-21, and Galway are starting to struggle into the wind


Cian Byrne gets one back for Wexford, and they now trail Kilkenny 1-13 to 0-18


A Donal Burke 65 and Dublin are up 2-17 to 0-19


Two quick points from Kilkenny and now they are in front, 0-16 to Wexford’s 1-12.


TJ Reid scores a superb sideline for Kilkenny, and it’s a one-point game, Wexford up 1-12 to 0-14


Dublin have gone in front again in Salthill, 14-man Galway also playing into the wind, 0-1t to 2-14


Kilkenny open the second half scoring against Wexford, and it’s back to 1-11 to 0-13


Half-time scores in the Leinster Championship:

Galway 0-19 Dublin 2-11

Kilkenny 0-12 Wexford 1-11

Antrim 3-9 Carlow 1-14

The league table as it stands looks like this:

Meanwhile, here was the red card incident for Galway:

Dublin open the scoring in the second half, playing with the wind, two quick points, and it’s level again, 0-19 to 2-13.


Half-time in Antrim, and the home team are up by a point, Antrim 3-9 to 1-14 for Carlow


Half-time in Salthill, 14-man Galway are up by two points, 0-19 to 2-11, thanks to fifth point by Evan Niland, while in Kilkenny, it’s Wexford 1-11, Kilkenny 0-12


Kilkenny have Wexford within three points, 1-11 to 0-11, on 32 minutes


GOAL number two for Dublin, Donal Burke scores from close range, Galway replay with a point, 0-17 to 2-10


In Antrim, meanwhile, it’s level-pegging with Carlow, 3-6 to 1-13


Galway now have 11 different scores from play, up 0-16 to 1-10,


Kilkenny fight back against Wexford, a TJ Reid free brings it to 1-10 to 0-9.


Joseph Cooney scores for Galway, moves them in front again, 0-14 to 1-10


GOAL for Wexford against Kilkenny, Conor McDonald under a dropping ball and buries it, 1-8 to 0-7


Briefly level again in Salthill, 0-11 to 1-8, before Galway edge a score in front.


All square between Wexford and Kilkenny, 0-6 apiece.


Evan Niland free for Galway, Donal Burke responds for Dublin, 0-10 to 1-5


David Burke shown a straight red card for Galway on 16 minutes


Cathal Dunbar pushes Wexford ahead, 0-3 to 0-2


Conor Cooney pushes Galway ahead, 0-6 to 1-1, David Burke adding another. 0-7 to 1-1.


David Flynn scores for Galway, teams level for the first time, 1-1 to 0-4. Meanwhile Wexford and Kilkenny also tied at 0-2 apiece.


Galway respond with three points, Dublin up 1-1 to 0-3


Sean Curry scores an opening goal for Dublin in the first 60 seconds, Galway looking a little stunned already.


Leinster Hurling Championship

Antrim v Carlow 2pm start

Galway v Dublin 2pm start

Kilkenny v Wexford 2pm start

Munster Hurling Championship

Limerick v Waterford 4pm start

Tipperary v Clare 4pm start


Almost everything remains up for grabs in what promises to be a small-ball Super Sunday in the fifth and final round of games in both the Munster and Leinster senior hurling championships.

In Leinster, Kilkenny host Wexford at UPMC Nowlan Park, Galway host Dublin at Pearse Stadium, and Antrim host Carlow at Corrigan Park. All three games throw-in at 2pm

In Munster, Limerick host Waterford at TUS Gaelic Grounds and Tipperary host Clare at FBD Semple Stadium, both those games starting at 4pm.

A win or a draw for Limerick in their game against Waterford would be enough for Limerick to contest a sixth consecutive Munster final. All doorways remain open to Waterford – the provincial final, third place or elimination from the championship

Tipperary’s interest in the 2024 championship ended with last week’s humbling defeat at the hands of Cork. For Clare, the pathway ahead is clear – avoid defeat against Tipperary and the Banner will be back in another Munster final.

A draw or a win for Kilkenny over Wexford in Nowlan Park on Sunday would secure Kilkenny a spot in another provincial final – Kilkenny are aiming for a fifth successive Leinster title.

A win in Salthill would see the Dubs advance to the Leinster final but defeat to Galway would leave them staring at elimination from the championship. Carlow must beat Antrim to avoid dropping back to the Joe McDonagh Cup.

Follow all the action here as it unfolds, and the fate of all the teams is revealed.