A red dress on a stake near the former Kamloops Indian residential school  in British Columbia, Canada: The residential school system, which operated from 1876 until 1996, was designed as a tool of cultural genocide. Photograph:  Cole Burston

Unmarked mass grave in British Columbia raises familiar concerns

For trans-exclusionary feminists, there’s a lot riding on being able to show that Ireland is not fine at all. Photograph: iStock

Trans-exclusionary ideas lack compassion and must be repelled from Ireland

Harvey Weinstein has been the subject of  many allegations of sexual assaul. Photograph: Alexander Koerner/Getty Images

We need to direct the #MeToo rage of 2017, let it cool into a foundation for structural change

James Doban who was fired from Google in mid-August after circulating his views on women in tech.

James Damore was fired from Google for his memo detailing women’s inferior skills. It's a tale as old as time.

Gender identities: “As a woman on the left, I often experience aggression when I disagree with a man.” Photograph: Bryan O’Brien

‘Some men feel patronised not by what I’m saying, but because I’m a woman saying it’

“A good example of this faux-feminism is Donald Trump’s adviser Kelly-Anne Conway’s recent articulation of “conservative feminism”.

In an era of faux-feminism there are many challenges from both sides of the political spectrum

Rebecca Smyth from Ballymena, Co Antrim, with an Irish Wolfhound at Newgrange to witness the winter solstice. Photograph:   Alan Betson/The Irish Times

Broadside: We need to weed out any Celtic corruption in our bloodline

A pro-choice march in Dublin. Photograph: iStock

Broadside: ‘It would have been much better for my mum’s mental and physical health if she had had the abortion,’ says Maria

Enda Kenny disregards opinion polls because the people answering them don’t yet see “just how profound the decision is”. Photograph: Dara Mac Dónaill

Taoiseach cannot be that ignorant of an issue which has divided Irish society for decades and on which he had to reluctantly legis(...)

The building where Mossack Fonseca’s offices are in Panama City. Photograph: Rodrigo Arangua/AFP/Getty Images

Broadside: If a company name other than ours flashed up on my phone, I had to answer with that name

Hillary Clinton: the candidate of racial minorities and women. Photograph: Brendan McDermid/Reuters

Broadside: Women of all races support Clinton over Sanders, despite warnings from their progressive peers that they shouldn’t ‘vot(...)

Caitlin Moran: ‘uses a chatty column format to show that women can and should be political’. Photograph: Aidan Crawley

The feminist and journalist tackles politics in her funny, sharply intelligent new book

Learn from these historical hotties: the Gore-Booth sisters, Constance and Eva, circa 1895. Copyright Sligo County Library

Broadside: Feminism is awesome but it is rarely easy

Pro-choice protesters in San Francisco in 2013. Photograph: Steenaire via Flickr

Broadside: ‘Everyone knows that contraception isn’t fashionable any more. Not since abortion on demand came in’

‘We spent two classes puzzling out how it could be that work as vital as Charabanc’s is neglected.’ Above, Eleanor Methven, cofounder of Charabanc, speaking at the Abbey. Photograph: Brenda Fitzsimons

Emer O’Toole: If a nation’s canon is almost exclusively dominated by white male voices, what does that tell you about that nation?

Photograph: Thinkstock

Broadside: Rather than the third-trimester stomachs we usually see, let’s use honest pictures – split condoms, pregnancy tests, bo(...)

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn chairing his first shadow cabinet meeting in the House of Commons recently. Photograph: Sean Dempsey/PA Wire

Broadside: It is the eternal fate of women on the left to be the driving force of a movement where men seize power and drop us at (...)

‘Why are young Canadian students’ hands in the air while the young Irish transcribe every word their lecturer utters?’ Photograph: Thinkstock

The level of engagement in my North American students is difficult to draw out of their Irish counterparts

‘You can’t let a Paddy in the band: next thing everyone’s fighting with each other. It’s a disaster.’ Photograph: Paul M O’Connell via Getty Images

Imagine a world where there is a widespread belief that Brits are better musicians than Paddies

Hillary Clinton: in the running in spite of being a woman. Photograph: Nicholas Kamm/AFP/Getty Images

If I were a man sitting in the Dáil and I knew the only reason I’d got there was because of the special privileges my gender affor(...)

Kate Hudson and Riz Ahmed in The Reluctant Fundamentalist: Mira Nair’s adaptation gives the story blood and muscle

Of the 100 best American films chosen by international critics, 98 were directed by men

Pro-choice protest in Dublin last week. Photograph: Gareth Chaney/Collins

That Ireland considers a blastocyst to have moral equivalency with a woman is evidence of deeply rooted sexism that ignores inconv(...)

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