Vincent Browne: Cynical opportunism over Stack case

Challenging Gerry Adams on confidentiality is more fake indignation by media

Following a personal statement made by Gerry Adams in the Dáil regarding the murder of prison officer Brian Stack, Fine Gael TD Alan Farrell names two Sinn Féin TDs alleged to have withheld information about the killing. Video: Oireachtas TV

Austin Stack, whose father Brian was killed by the Provisional IRA in 1983, said last week he was “quite confident” he knew the identity of the “individual” to whom Gerry Adams introduced him three years ago and who had information about the murder. He said he had informed the Garda who this person was.

He went on in an RTÉ Prime Time interview to say he expected Adams would be “man enough” to go to the Garda station in Dundalk and tell gardaí the same information, that is who this “individual” was.

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