Furious not aggrieved: 60-69 year-olds


Sir, – It is shameful that the over-60s cohort are still not fully vaccinated. Only today I heard of a 60 year-old awaiting a second jab whilst also hearing of a perfectly healthy 18 year-old receiving a vaccine through a most accommodating GP.

At the same time, many other 18-24 others are registering several times in numerous pharmacies for the Janssen jab.

Just where is the fairness in the system?

I have been fully vaccinated with AstraZenaca over a month ago and yet I received two text messages in the past two weeks asking me to attend for my second dose.

I rang the HSE helpline on both occasions only to be told that the system continues to record me as “awaiting second dose”!

If my Covid digital passport makes an appearance next week, I will know that I’m finally a statistic in the daily figures.

– Yours, etc,



Dublin 5.

Sir, – Along with the majority of those in the 60-69 age group I received the AstraZeneca vaccine. I have just had my second jab. While I will have a level of protection, it is lower than that afforded to other age groups particularly against the Delta variant that is fast becoming prevalent.

If an additional booster dose of another vaccine remedies this, shouldn’t my age group be offered it?

– Yours, etc,




Co. Kildare.

Sir, – Paul Cullen’s article about the treatment of the 69-69 year age cohort captures the inequitable treatment visited on this group (“One age group left feeling aggrieved as vaccine rollout gathers pace”, July 7th).

I still haven’t got an appointment for my second vaccine 10 weeks after my first.

I was advised by the HSE helpline that my appointment was still within the “norm” of up to 12 weeks.

It appears that the priority is to completely vaccinate the rest of the population with superior vaccines before those of us unfortunate to fall within 60-69 age group.

Aggrieved doesn’t cover it, furious would be more apt.

–Yours, etc,



Dublin 18.

Sir, – We have received a lot of contact to Age Action from people who feel treated as second-class citizens because they were given no choice of vaccine, while a choice has been given to other age groups, and the vaccination process for people aged 60-69 has been much slower than for other age groups.

In the week leading up to the Government announcing new easing of restrictions, only 24 per cent of vaccinated people aged 60-69 had received their second dose compared to 64 per cent of vaccinated people aged 50-59.

Many older people have questions about where they stand in the vaccination rollout and they need answers, not to be told to put up or shut up.

Clarity from the Minster for Health is urgently needed on the vaccination process for people aged 60-69, and the Minister needs to respond to people’s feelings of potential discrimination and inequality of outcomes for older people.

– Yours, etc,


Age Action Ireland,

Dublin 8.