Seasoned lamb

Meaty questions

Sir, – What an enchanting photograph by Frank Veale you had in the Saturday edition of The Irish Times. The innocent beauty of a prancing lamb. It made the picture of the slow-roasted leg of lamb in the Magazine harder to swallow. – Yours, etc,



Co Dublin.


Sir, – I don’t know where you are buying your leg of lamb for €100 (“Why the lamb you bought for Easter is probably not spring lamb”, Food, Q&A, Magazine, March 29th). In Co Wexford, legs of Wexford lamb off Co Wexford grass farms were sold this year for approximately €60.

The legs of lamb seen for €20 in supermarkets are not just loss leaders. I don’t suppose any supermarket is that generous. They are frozen legs of lamb which, upon inspection, are found to be very soft and watery.

As for your use of “single estate” lamb, what nonsense! A lamb can only come from a single estate or farm. You may have been thinking of a wine to match with your lamb.

My report from having been lucky enough to partake of Co Wexford spring lamb? Simply delicious. – Yours, etc,



Co Wexford.