‘Judicial usurpation of power’: Trump aide attacks US court

Adviser Stephen Miller attacks federal appeals court that blocked Trump travel ban

A White House official on Sunday launched a blistering attack on the federal appeals court that blocked President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration, calling its ruling a "judicial usurpation of power".

The Trump administration has faced multiple legal setbacks to its travel ban issued, on January 27th, and the Republican president has said he may issue a new order rather than go through lengthy court challenges to try to have the ban reinstated.

"The president's powers here are beyond question," White House adviser Stephen Miller said on the Fox News Sunday programme.

He criticised the 9th US Circuit Court of Appeals ruling blocking the order. “The 9th Circuit has a long history of being overturned and the 9th Circuit has a long history of overreaching,” he said.


“We don’t have judicial supremacy in this country.”