Podcast: Corbyn stays a step ahead of May with Brexit shift

This week’s edition of ‘World View’ also looks at the latest push for gun control in the US

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has backed the UK being in a permanent customs union with the EU in a speech setting out his approach to Brexit. He said this would avoid the need for a "hard border" in Northern Ireland. Video: Reuters


Another week, another milestone on the road to Brexit. In fact, this week will feature three such markers: a speech by Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn that has caused fresh headaches for British prime minister Theresa May; a speech to come on Friday from Ms May herself and the release of a crucial document by the EU. London Editor Denis Staunton reports for World View on the latest Brexit developments.

In part two of this week’s podcast we turn to the US. Since the mass shooting in a Florida high school earlier this month that left 17 people dead, president Donald Trump has repeatedly called for schoolteachers to be armed as a solution to this peculiarly American problem.

But voices calling for stricter controls on gun ownership are growing louder. After Sandy Hook, Orlando, Las Vegas and too many other mass shootings to mention, could Republicans finally be willing to cede ground on the issue? Suzanne Lynch is on the line from Washington to talk about the situation.

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