M50 crash victim’s family urge people ‘stop and think’ before sharing images

Graphic images, video of collision which killed Jackie Griffin distributed on social media

The family of M50 crash victim Jackie Griffin have urged people who received photos of the incident to “stop and think” about sharing such images online.

Ms Griffin died following a multi-vehicle crash last Thursday morning at Junction 5, Finglas in Dublin.

Not long after the fatal collision, graphic pictures and video which had been taken at the scene of the incident started appearing on various social media platforms.

Gardaí were forced to issue an appeal asking to people to stop sharing the images and last Friday evening a spokeswoman confirmed that an examining CCTV footage in relation to the crash was under way.


Those responsible for videoing and photographing the immediate aftermath of the crash could face prosecution either for using their mobile phones while driving or for unnecessarily and illegally stopping on a motorway.

Her family urged people to “delete and report” any images after the “immediate aftermath of Jacqueline’s death was deliberately filmed and photographed”.

‘Deliberately filmed and photographed’

The message was shared on Senator Lynn Ruane’s Twitter account who is a friend of the family and had previously appealed for members of the public to report the images.

She tweeted: “A message from Griffin family. Thank you in advance.”

The Griffin family statement said: “This week my family and I have had to try and digest the sad news of the untimely passing of our Jacqueline.

“This has been difficult enough without what has come to our attention. The immediate aftermath of Jacqueline’s horrific accident was deliberately filmed and photographed.

“The video and photographs were then shared over a number of social media platforms.

“I am confident that the majority of society would have the good sense to know that this is completely immoral and should be reported, deleted and not shared.

“It is my hope that this message is shared far and wide among today’s on and offline influencers.”

“When or if you receive these images I urge you to stop and think. Do not share. Delete and report. Jacqueline was a daughter, auntie, sister, partner and beautiful person. “We now ask for privacy and ask that the media do not arrive at Jackie’s funeral so that we can have that privacy. Thank you, Griffin family.”

Ms Griffin’s funeral will take place on Monday.

A notice on RIP.ie states Jackie will be removed to the Sacred Heart Church in Killinarden on Monday, arriving for 10am funeral mass. This will be followed by a private cremation at Newlands Cross Crematorium.

A fundraising page for the Griffin family has raised over €6,000 after it was set up last week.