Have your say: Are childcare costs forcing you out of the workplace?

As new report shows women are leaving work to mind children, we want to hear from readers

As a new report shows women are being shut out of the workplace by the high cost of childcare in Ireland, The Irish Times would like to hear from people about their family's experiences.

What are your current childcare arrangements? Was it difficult to find a suitable childminder or childcare facility that suited your needs? How much of your disposable income goes on childcare? Have you decided to leave the workplace because it is just not worth it financially when childcare costs are factored in, or are you currently considering it? Do family members or friends assist with minding your children, or vice versa? What do you think needs to be done to assist parents who are struggling to pay childcare costs?

You can contribute (max 300 words) using this form. Please include a few lines about yourself - where you are living, your occupation, and attach a photograph if you have one.

A selection of responses may be published, or passed to a journalist who may wish to contact you for more information.


Thank you.